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original equipment quality parts and we stand behind our work with a twelve month or 20,000 KM warranty. Our services include but are not limited to: complete service and repair, performance upgrades, brake and suspension upgrades, race preparation andPut simply, the writer attempts to make sure it is apparent to the audience that as soon as a conflict stage is entered by the essentials of somebody or an organization, there bias that forces somebody to decide on the facets that shouldor shouldn’t predominate. Even though it’s common, pupil must come across right to become grades. It’s essential to earn a reader read. Keep in mind the vital element to have a fantastic writing would be to realize the subject. Keep in mind that in case you examine your paper, your task is to make sure your audience knows the points . You’ve got a story that you’ve confronted that everybody should hear. Persuasive essay can be referred to as the debate essay. You have to write by employing language that is essay writing services simple and you can do it.

tech inspections and interior repair.

At a time of changing values, and in a dynamic industry, we employ leading edge technology and expertise within a framework of traditional business ethics and personal service. We have a long term business plan, and believe in steady growth by building relationships based on integrity, trust, and recommendation.
We believe in earning our customers’ loyalty through trust.  We invite you to experience what our customers already know.  As a discerning owner of a premium German car, you deserve to have the peace of mind that your car is in trustworthy hands.
It would be a pleasure to assist you with any service or performance needs your vehicle may have, or to simply answer any questions you may have regarding the care and maintenance of your vehicle.
We look forward to meeting you.
We do all

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kinds of repair. With over 10 years of experience, we believe we can do

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almost anything that you can imagine. Browse through our gallery and see what we’re talking about.

Auto diagnostics
Are there any lights on your dashboard? If something bothers you maybe it’s time to give us a call.
Technical repairs
Our mechanics are the best in what they do. Need assistance? Call us for help.
Electrical works
Not only we do mechanical work, but also electrical work. Brake lights, signal lights, interior lights, you name it.
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What type of service do I need?

We provide a range of services – from technical to mechanical. If you aren’t sure what service you might need, feel free to contact us or shoot us an email.

How do I keep track of routine maintenance?

Whenever you get your service from us, we keep records of them so you won’t have to worry. For individual records, you may keep a record of your own at your convenience and we will provide any information you might need.

How many hours you work daily?

We work on average 8 hours a day but due to high demand, we can usually extend to a couple more hours.

How do you repair cars that are involved in accidents?

We normally communicate with ICBC and get the accident information from them. From there onward, we start working on the car and get it fixed.

Do you use modern technology?

Yes. All of our technologies are up to modern standards. We only use quality equipments to provide the best quality of service possible.

We service and repair these types of vehicles
What a wonderful auto shop. Lucky and Dave were amazing to deal with. They were so helpful and did wonderful work, on time and on budget!! I would recommend them to everyone . 👍thanks guys
Ava DeolOur Customer
These guys provide excellent customer service and their repairs are of the highest standard and cost-effectiveness. I come here from Washington state for my BMW repairs. These guys are best for German cars. Thank you for doing such great work!!
Shampy KhairaOur Customer
Very professional and knowledgeable staff. My vehicle was tended to you quickly and with a great deal of care. Pricing quote and cost was very competitive. Definitely bringing my vehicle back next time.
Pavneet KaurOur Customer
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